Hello and welcome to the Nightmare Hides webpage. Here you will find a gallery representative of the products I make. I focus mostly on custom designs, so you won't find any pre-made items for sale on the website. Take a look around, though, to see what's possible. If you find something you like, send me an email so we can discuss your design. I look forward to working with you and creating something uniquely beautiful and functional.

About The Leather

The leather used to make all of Nightmare Hides' products is high-quality, chosen by hand, and worked by hand. It is vegetable tanned leather which comes into my workshop as a hard, thick sheet of unfinished pinkish-tan hide. It is then transformed by time, water, oil, dyes, paints, finishes, love and lots of skill, into the beautiful and functional works of art you see before you! Vegetable-tanned leather is the same type of leather that saddle makers use to make saddles. It is not similar to soft garment leather used to make jackets, purses, and other garments. It is a much thicker, stiffer material that is rugged, tough, and very durable.

Making The Design Your Own

Each piece I design and construct is unique, no two are alike. This way you are assured that anything you purchase from me is a one of a kind piece of functional artwork. The design process can be lengthy, though, and is usually best conducted in person or over the phone. If you're wondering whether or not I'm capable of using an image or design you've already drawn up, please send me a high resolution (200 dpi minimum) image via email and I will advise you of both the time frame and expense based on the complexity of your design.

As you can see from my previous work, the designs can become quite intricate. So let your imagination run wild! I look forward to working with you to bring your desires to life.