About Me

Working with leather has long been a passion of mine. I learned most of my tradecraft at Tandy Leather in Escondido, working there for five years beginning in 2000. After moving down to San Diego, I started my own business Nightmare Hides. I've been working ever since to provide beautiful, unique, functional pieces for my customers.

In case you were wondering, no, I don't have a website where you can order direct. Since Nightmare Hides is just me, and I have no employees, I fear I couldn't handle the volume such a site would create.

I use this website to post a few pics of things I have made so that you can see examples of my work (what is shown in my pics is only a VERY TINY fraction of the things I have made) and so that people can contact me via email and tell me what they'd like.

90% of my business is done through custom orders . . . I keep almost nothing 'in stock', ready to go off-the-shelf. So, if you see something you like in my photos but you want it tweaked . . . or, you have a totally different idea, something you've dreamed up, a costume piece you need, etc . . . message me and I'll do my best to help create your leathery dreams of gorgeous leatherness.

I consistently hear that my prices are lower than most, so please don't be afraid to ask . . . basically the way it works is that the more decoration/ detail/ hardware a piece has, the more it costs. Simpler ones are less expensive because they require less of my time to complete, and usually use fewer materials.
Some examples:

Corsets . . . A plain black under bust corset would start at about $300. Look in my pics and you will see Jaycee's corset, a beautiful piece with extensive heavy carving/ tooling of the leather, that is hand painted and has jeweled rivets added for effect . . . that corset is worth about $1,300. Most corsets fall in the $300 to $500 range, which is a really excellent price considering that it is specially tailored and custom-fitted to you.

Collars . . . There is such a wide range of collar styles and hardware and decoration that can be added to them, that it's hard to come up with a generalized price list. Again, my prices tend to be far less than you find in most stores, and I can personalize a collar almost any way you want. The least expensive collars I have available right now are going for $25 . . . still, they are hand-tooled and dyed/ painted, have a very nice ring on the front, and a sturdy, attractive buckle. An almost infinite range of styles, colors, and hardware is possible. Just ask!

Belts . . . My belts start at $50 and go up from there depending on materials and time spent on making it . . . let your imagination run wild, I love making one-of-a-kind pieces . . .

Bracers and bracelets . . . In my pictures you can see some bracers that I have made. I make plain, non-carved ones that start at $40 per pair, ones that are heavily tooled and very detailed like the Tree of Life ones in my pics would go for about $250. Again, if you have an idea, message me . . .

I can pretty much make or repair most things that are made from heavy-weight/vegetable-tanned leather. I prefer not to work with garment-weight leather as I do not have a leather sewing machine and I don't consider myself a seamstress. So if you are interested in a leather coat, pants, skirt, etc. . . . I'll try to help you find someone else who can make those things for you. Once they are made, if you need decorative work done on them, I can help you with that. A good guideline is that my leatherwork typically requires rivets instead of stitching :)

As I previously mentioned, I love to do one-of-a-kind pieces. I am an artist and love making beautiful and unique things. If you have a crazy idea for something that you're not sure can be made, let me know! I love a challenge ;)